• Target at females with small breast, expanded or uneven breast sizes, and for daily care purpose
  • Concentrates the fats to breast issue and swells the breast cells
  • Strengthens the breast muscles and lifts up the breast shape
  • Brightens up the breast skin
  • Use of herbal formula, safe to use during mensural period

”Improper care of my breasts during puberty has caused me a pair of uneven and expanded breast. After massaging with NuBreast+ Voluplus & VolufilinePump-Up Cream every day, my breasts have a concentrated round shape with cup size increased!”
(Individual results may vary)

NuBreast+Voluplus & Volufiline Pump Up Firming Cream applies the U.S. surgical technology to foster the fat cells circulation. Herbal ingredients Volufiline and Voluplus stimulate the growth of breast cells and fill up the space between cells. As a result, breast tissues will become tight and firm while the skin will become smooth and elastics.

  1. The case is based on using both Nubreast+ in-take and external use product for 6 consecutive months. Product effect is subject to body situation. Part of the slimming result is presented by appointed model.
  2. Research result in 2013, NuBreast+users took in-take and external products together for 6 months.