• Targets at females who aged 25+, after breast-feeding and diet
  • Augments female’s breast and improves the elasticity of breast skin
  • Fuller and firmer breast shape
  • Contains no sugar
  • 1 bottle per night, convenient and no side effects

“My breasts became sagging due to dieting.Nubreast+ Sexy Push-Up Drink 15000 lifts my breasts up. My breasts become firmer and I own a natural Deep V cleavage now!” (Individual results may vary)

The rich ceramide contained in NuBreast+Sexy Push-up Drink 15000 is the best choice for breast augmentation and awarded with “The best Substance for Health and Skincare” by French Society of Antioxidants and “The most Creative Invention for Healthcare” by ISOGONE, it is recognized by US FDA, and has obtained patents from France and the US3. Ceramide creates a water-impermeable protective skin layer to prevent excessive water loss and enhance the elasticity of breast tissue.

1 bottle per night provides your breast 15000mg nutrients, and increases the nutritional intakes into your breast cells. Fish Collagen 10000mg and Hyaluronic Acid 1000mg helps lifting up the breast tissues and strengthen its elasticity; Germany Large Black Pig Placenta 3000mg reactivates the breast cells’ activity; Thailand Pueraria Mirifica Root Extract 1000mg enlarges the breast cells.

Drink 1 bottle per night, preferably 3 hours before bed for better result. It is suggested to take half bottle per night in the first 4 days to allow the body adapting the condensed oxide substances.

  1. The case is based on using both Nubreast+ in-take and external use product for 6 consecutive months. Product effect is subject to body situation. Part of the slimming result is presented by appointed model.
  2. Research result in 2013, NuBreast+users took in-take and external products together for 6 months.
  3. Substance Ceramide is awarded “The best Substance for Health and Skincare” by French Society in 2009 and “The most Creative Invention for Healthcare” by ISOGONE, USA FDA certificate in 2009;US Patent No.5817646, France Patent No.9904915.